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Harker Heights Divorce Lawyers Pursue Positive Results for Texas Families

Family lawyers serving Bell and Coryell counties provide strong legal support.

Whether a marriage lasted for decades or ended relatively quickly, dissolving the legal relationship and moving on is difficult. Sometimes, the emotions associated with divorce lead husbands and wives to give up their rights in an effort to “keep the peace” or “get things over with.” Unfortunately, divorcing spouses don’t get second chances, and failing to protect your interests could have longstanding negative consequences for you and your children. Seigman, Sinkfield & Libersky, PLLC in Harker Heights is dedicated to giving their clients the information and assertive representation they need to pursue favorable terms relating to custody, child support, property distribution and alimony.

Accomplished Killeen area firm outlines the laws on marriage dissolution.

Throughout Bell and Coryell counties, family law attorney ​Lynn Libersky delivers valuable counsel to divorcing spouses on a range of issues, such as:

  • Grounds — If you believe that your marriage is no longer supportable and that reconciliation will not occur, you can file for a “no fault” divorce without alleging any type of misconduct on your spouse’s part. However, traditional fault grounds, such as adultery, cruelty and felony conviction, still do exist. Our firm can examine your situation and explain the consequences of each option.
  • Uncontested divorce — Couples who agree on all divorce terms can obtain an uncontested divorce by submitting their settlement agreement to the court for approval, so long as the spouse signs the decree and waiver of service is filed. Though this process can speed things along, the final divorce decree cannot be granted until at least 60 days have passed from the filing date.
  • Military divorce — We are committed to providing the highest level of professional representation to Fort Hood families and other members of our armed forces. In military divorces, our experienced lawyers are well equipped to handle specific issues that affect these cases, such as the legal implications of living in various locales and the allocation of active duty and veterans’ benefits.
  • Annulment — Declaring a marriage void through the annulment process is not the same as obtaining a quick divorce. You must show that a legal flaw that existed at the time of the wedding means that the union was never valid. Should you believe that your marriage could be annulled due to bigamy, fraud, duress or some other reason, we’ll advise you if proper grounds exist.

Starting with a free initial consultation, we’ll make every effort to help you start this new part of your life on a positive note.

Compassionate advisers pursue fair child custody and support arrangements.

The Texas Family Code uses the terms “conservatorship,” “possession” and “access” to address what many people refer to as child custody. Typically, joint managing conservatorships will be established to ensure that both parents are vested with the legal authority to make important decisions on their child’s behalf. Orders on possession and access detail where the child lives and the terms that state how the parent lacking residential custody will maintain frequent, meaningful contact with them. Our lawyers work closely with parents to find creative solutions to disagreements and also handle disputes that arise relating to child support. The presumption in Texas is Standard Possession Order, but that can be unworkable for some parents or the child, based on parents’ work schedules or the child’s age and/or stage of development.

Tenacious litigators represent spouses during disputes over spousal maintenance.

During the course of a marriage, each spouse has certain responsibilities. Often, one will earn most or all of the income while the other takes care of the home or children. This could leave the stay-at-home spouse unable to meet their basic needs after divorce. What many states refer to as alimony is referred to as spousal maintenance in Texas. Courts can order these payments in certain situations, including where the recipient has a disability that prevents them from earning a suitable living, must take care of a special needs child or has been victimized by domestic violence. If a marriage has lasted 10 years and the wife or husband who has not worked outside the home for a long time can’t meet their basic needs, maintenance might be awarded.

Attorneys look to safeguard clients’ interests in property division matters.

Homes, vehicles, bank accounts, stocks and other assets acquired by either spouse during a marriage are classified as community property under Texas law. Should the parties fail to agree on how to divide these items, a judge allocates marital assets and debts based on what he or she believes to be “just and right.” This can be an even split, but the judge has significant leeway. We understand how important it is to emerge from a marriage on a sound financial foundation and that courts aren’t always aware of the true value of certain property items. Our firm vigorously pursues fair allocations so you can go forward with confidence.  Remember, the court’s decision or settlement may be “fair and equitable”, but not necessarily equal (50/50).

Let us review your family law settlement documents for interpretation and accuracy.

Our experienced family law attorney will review drafted settlement documents to ensure you are protected. Family law documents involve support decisions, property division, and custodial arrangements.  Be informed before you sign, and let ​Lynn Libersky review and go over your settlement agreement terms.  Our review of already prepared settlement documents is charged at the attorney’s hourly rate.

Seigman, Sinkfield & Libersky, PLLC assists Central Texas spouses as they end their marriage and seek favorable divorce terms. Our office is located in Harker Heights, and you can make an appointment for a free initial consultation by calling us at 254-781-8282 or contacting us online. We serve clients in Copperas Cove, Killeen and throughout Bell and Coryell counties.

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